Prairies Edge Pawn, LLC

Need Money Fast?

For 20 years, Prairies Edge Pawn has been providing short term loans for the community.

Prairies Edge Pawn will loan you CA$H on about any item of value. We hold onto the item as security for the duration of he loan period, or until it is repaid with interest. The loan due date can be extended by paying just the interest if more time is needed before picking up the item in pawn. Items remain “yours” for a minimum of 75 days without default of the loan.

All items are secured in a facility with an electronic alarm system and video survelance connected to local Police through a 24 hr security monitoring company.

No credit or backgropund checks required, your items are your security. No paperwork fees, just simple loans and interest. All you need is a proper photo ID and be at least 18 years of age. Prairies Edge Pawn LLC is a licensed and bonded pawn broker.

We would like to Earn your Business as a Prairies Edge Customer!

Coins – Bullion

Our coin collection is varied and large. We have rare coins like the Indian Head nickel, Walking Liberty half dollars, Mercury Head dime, the Morgan dollar and more. Are you looking for something hard to find? Start here with our pure gold ingots, and silver rounds to fill your collection. Mint coins can be found in our collection as well as circulated and non circulated coins. Contact us here on the web page if you are looking for something special.


Collectible Coins

Are you looking for something different? We now have the Zombucks Morgue Anne dollar. It is a .999 pure silver uncirculated coin. The back of the coin has the apocalypse symbol on it and the words Zombucks Currency of the Apocalypse 1oz .999 fine Silver.

Morgue Anne dollar


We have genuine Black Hills gold jewelry available to buy at our jewelry counter. An offering of antique jewelry is also available with pearls, turquoise, diamonds and more embellishing the jewelry. You can find gold chain, silver chain, pins, necklaces and bracelets. We have many precious stones to choose from. Are you looking for some 14 carat gold? Contact us here on the web page to visit about our fine jewelry.